(ADAKLU-ABUADI) ADAKLU ANYIGBE : Late Arrival of Materials Delays BECE Examination

The late arrival of materials on Monday delayed the start of examinations in the Adaklu – Anyigbe District on the first day of the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE ).

Candidates waited in the examination halls for almost an hour gazing into the air before the first paper arrived.

The ordeal was repeated as the second paper also delayed, compelling candidates to stay confined to the examination halls which attracted the displeasure of the Regional Minister , Hon . Joseph Amenowode, who visited some of the centres.

The Minister was accompanied by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Michael Adzaho and the Regional Director of Education , Gabriel Kploanyi. Hon. Amenowode said he could not understand the cause of the delay and urged officials of the West African Examination Council ( WAEC) in the region to sit-up.

Mr Samuel Dorpe, Assistant Director in charge of Supervision at the GES who brought the papers late to the Adaklu – Abuade Centre , attributed the situation to the refusal of WAEC officials to honour their promise to provide fuel for vehicles to convey the examination papers.

He said they had to persuade account officers of the GES in the District to provide money for fuel to aid the distribution of the examination papers. Mr Dorpe said the non -availability of police personnel to ensure security in movement of the papers from the depot to the centres also contributed to the lateness.

Mr Dadson , said to be a Controller at the WAEC Office in Ho , snubbed journalists when they went to the offices of WAEC to seek reasons for the delay . The Deputy Director , Administration and Finance of the GES, Mr Maxwell Gbaka told the GNA that all examination materials were in the Ho Depot of the WAEC and that the problem was getting them to the centres on time.

He said all candidates in the district were present except two girls at the Adaklu -Waya Centre who were said to be pregnant.

Two other girls , who GES officials suspected to be pregnant , were present and partaking in the examinations. GNA

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