University of Ghana Legon Sanctions 20 Students Over Disciplinary Offences>> The University of Ghana has sanctioned twenty students for various offences.

The offences which were committed between 2006 and 2010 include falsification of checks belonging to the Graduate Students Union , sale of university beds , assault and excessive noise making.

For their punishment, some of the students have been dismissed while others have had their academic privileges and certificates withdrawn for specified periods.

The action comes weeks after a group of students molested a suspected lady thief at the university . Speaking to Joy News, the registrar of the university , Maafo Budu said the two events are not linked in any way. “ The two are not linked at all. It is something that started a long time ago . The various processes were gone through. The sanctions were defined by the disciplinary committee …” he said.

He said those who have already graduated will have their transcripts held on for a period. Meanwhile the Legon Police is assuring the public that it will very soon catch up with the students who molested the suspected lady thief on campus.

The Legon crime officer, Emmanuel Basintale said the collaboration between the police and Legon authorities will bear fruits.

According to him , there are so many suspects but his outfit will want to narrow down to those who actually partook in the molestation. “ We haven ’ t given up. It is not easy investigating a case like this so we are appealing to the public to give us some time . We will definitely come up with something, ” he assured.
Source: Joy News/ Myjoyonline. com /Ghana version>> Twenty students of the University of Ghana , Legon have been sanctioned by the University authorities for various offenses.

A statement released by the University ’ s Registrar, Joseph Budu , said some of the students have been dismissed while others are to be suspended.

The offenses, committed between 2006 and 2010 , includes ‘ ponding’ of students with water , excessive noise making , forging of cheques , assault and destruction of university properties . The University authorities say these offenses are against the regulations of the institution .

The Registrar, Mr . Budu told Citi News, the action by the university ’ s Disciplinary Committee shows how committed the University is to maintaining discipline among students.

He added that “ the sanctions included informing the public about it . Its been in arrears for a while and we just cleared some of the arrears . It just goes to show that we would sanction any student who breaches our laws ”

Mr . Budu indicated that thorough investigations are underway to punish students who took part in the manhandling of a suspected female thief at the Mensah Sarbah Hall.

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