Call For Reevaluation of Teaching Methods And Tools

Authorities in charge of education have been asked to consider the re-evaluation of the methods, tools and materials being used in the education of pupils and students.

Mr Sylvanus Kwashie Kuwor, a Doctoral Fellow in Dance Anthropology, Roehamton University, UK, who made the call, held the view that teaching techniques and approaches needed to be compatible with the daily lives of the people.

He said without that the delivery of holistic quality of education would never be realized. Mr Kuwor said for example the reference of the letter “a” to the apple was inappropriate and that a local material could be substituted for apple for easier grasping by the pupils.

He was addressing 10th anniversary celebrations of Divine Academy, a Private Basic School on Friday at Afife in the Ketu-North District on the theme, “Ten Years of Holistic Quality Education”.

“It is sad Ghana still uses western materials to educate its children, thereby separating them from their everyday life, ” Mr Kuwor stated.

He said a holistic way of education should seek to encompass and integrate multiple layers of meaning and experience, rather than defining human possibilities narrowly.

Mr Kuwor said every person’s intelligence and abilities were far more complex than his or her scores in standardized tests.

Professor Amuzu Kpeglo, a Former Lecturer at the University of Education, Winneba called for a concerted effort to arrest the decline in the reading habit among students as well as the growing indiscipline in society.

Togbe Awusu III, Chief Executive Officer of Awusu Royal Foundation, owners of the school said the institute was established to help in forestalling the decline in performance in basic schools in the area, which made parents to send their wards to school miles away.

Deserving pupils, teachers and personalities were awarded while sod was cut for a multi-complex library and computer laboratory for the school.
Source: GNA 8/1/2011

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