Engagement of Teachers of JHS Beyond The Official Working Hours

The Hon. Minister for Education

Ministry of Education

Ministry Post office


The Ag. Director General of Education

Dear Sir/Madam,


The attention of the Ghana National Association of Teachers, (GNAT) has been drawn to a new policy directive from you requesting that the Ghana Education Service puts in place measures that will compel teachers who operate at the Junior High School level to teach additional two hours each day in addition to having full sessions on Saturdays.

GNAT believes that the policy is geared towards the improvement of students’ performances at the Junior High School Level. Such forward looking ideas should be applauded by every teacher union interested in the delivery of education. However, GNAT is concerned about the Ministry of Education’s apparent disregard for labour laws and international treaties regarding employees’s rights.

Madam, teachers in Ghana have a Collective Bargaining Agreement that sets out contact hours which is in line with Ghana’s labour legislation and ILO Convention on the number of days an employee could work within the week as well as the number of hours per day. Furthermore, the agreement stipulates that no part of the contract clauses will be varied without negotiations between teacher unions in the Ghana Education Service and the Management of the Service. Contact hours and the number of days teachers are supposed to work are part of the contract clauses.

Where there is the need to vary the clauses with regard to contact hours and days of work within the week, the Joint Negotiating Committee of the Ghana Education Service has to convene to discuss the modalities including benefits accruing to the teachers participating in the programme.

GNAT is by this letter reminding and requesting that the Management of the Ghana Education Service (GES), convenes a meeting of the Joint Negotiating Committee to discuss all matters related to the implementation of this policy directive.

We are very much aware that implementation has already began this term since J.S.S. teachers were ordered to begin the term on January 3 instead of January 10, 2012.

Nevertheless, for the sake of preserving industrial peace and achieving quality learning outcomes in the public sector, GNAT reiterates that the proposed meeting be convened without further delay.

We count on your usual cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Irene Duncan-Adanusa (Mrs)

General Secretary


The Deputy Ministers of Education

The Minister for Employment and Social Welfare

The Deputy Director General of GES

The Chairman – GES Council

The Chief Executive Officer – Fair Wages and Salaries Commission

The Chairman, National Labour Commission

The National President of NAGRAT

The Secretary General of TUC –

National Executive Committee of GNAT

Regional and District Secretariats of GNAT

Engagement of Teachers of JHS Beyond The Official Working Hours.

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