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Ghana Teacher Diary is an online social Blog on Facebook and other social media platforms about: Teaching life, Challenges teachers face in the classroom, Suggestions, Comments, discussions about teaching life, Ghana Education System, Education News Updates + More stories about the teacher, the school and the classroom.
The Diary is authored by a basic school Teacher in Ghana.

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2 thoughts on “welcome to Ghana Teacher Diary”

  1. It is true as the saying goes ” one does not know the importance of the bottom until he has a boil.” The death of our president Prof. Atta Mills has reveal to the nation as well as the entire world; how GOOD, HARD WORKING and the AFFECTIONATE the late president has for his country Ghana. Both minority and majority has testify to the fact that Prof. Fifii Atta Mills was GOOD and a man of VISION as far as democratic government is concern in our country. Pof. Mills is a man of vision but it is rather unfortunate that people who has vision do not live longer. Fifii may your soul rest in the bosom of the Lord!!!!


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