GNAT Membership

GNAT Membership

Full membership of the Association shall be opened to all teachers in Ghana.
Member on being admitted to recognize institutions for further studies shall retain membership of the Association.
Members who retire shall become honorary members, but shall have no vote or hold office.
Notwithstanding this provision any retired member who returns to active service shall become a full member.
Members who take full-time appointment with the Association shall retain their membership but shall have no vote or hold elective office.

Cessation of Membership

Suspension: Any member of the Association may be suspended from membership when, in opinion of the National Executive, the conduct of such a member makes this necessary.

A full report of all suspensions made under 6(1), together with any statement by the members concerned, shall be submitted to the next meeting of the National Council for their ratification or referral to the Special Committee set up under 6(3).

If, in the opinion of the National Council, the conduct of any member makes it desirable that the member’s name should not be on the roll of the Association, or that a member shall be suspended, the matter shall be referred to a Special Committee for investigation and recommendations made to the National Council for any necessary action.

A member who is aggrieved by a decision of the National Council may appeal to the National Delegates’ Conference whose decision shall be final.

Resignation: – Individual members of the Association may withdraw their membership after six months’ notice in writing to the National Executive.

Where, during their term of office, elected officers of the Association would normally cease to be members of the association by virtue of their being:

(a) compulsorily and pre-maturely retired;

(b) compulsorily redeployed;

(c) prohibited or prevented from paying their dues to the Association other than as disciplinary sanctions imposed by the Ghana National Association of Teachers as provided for under clauses (1) and (3) above , such officers shall retain their membership, voting rights and office until the expiration of the period for which they were originally elected.

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