GNAT complains about unfair treatment of teachers

The Ghana National Association of Teachers
(GNAT) says it is not happy about the unfair
treatment of its members by the

This comes in the wake of unexplained
reduction in the October salary of teachers.
Some of the teachers were reported to have
had their salary slashed by about a-half.

A press statement issued and signed by the
Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Secretary of the
Association, Mr Agyen Frimpong, said it was
disturbing that since the implementation of
the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) it had
been difficult for any teacher to tell his or
her actual monthly take home pay.

He said even more irritating was the
unjustified delay in the release of their pay
“They are yet to receive their pay slips for
August, September and October”, it added.
It said they had raised their concerns with
the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the
Controller and Accountant General’s
Department but nothing had changed.

This was fueling apprehension and anger
among the teachers and the GNAT demanded
that things needed to be fixed and must be
done quickly.

4 thoughts on “GNAT complains about unfair treatment of teachers”

  1. dont we teachers have a say in the on-going hulabalu on education?lets correct the politicians when they make those wrong statements.


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