Fair Wages, Vice Chancellors dodge Labour Commission hearing teachers’ grievances

The National Labour Commission (NLC) is to
subpoena the Fair Wages and Salaries
Commission (FWSC) and the Vice Chancellors
Ghana (VCG) for failing to appear at a hearing
between them and the Federation of
Universities Senior Staff Associations of
Ghana (FUSSAG) on Wednesday.

The subpoena will compel the two parties to
respond and also enter appearance on
Wednesday, December 4, 2013.

During its meeting about a fortnight ago the
two bodies were directed by the NLC to
respond to issues filed by FUSSAG at the
FWSC by Wednesday, November 20 for
hearing to resume on Wednesday, November

According to the executives of FUSSAG they
were taken aback when the FWSC and VCG
did not turn up for Wednesday’s and
expressed strong reservation about the
attitude of the two bodies.

It announced the likelihood of embarking on
another strike if the situation was not

It will be recalled that FUSSAG embarked on
an industrial strike after several calls to the
Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC)
to respond to its demands went unheeded
until the NLC intervened and called for

The Association among others demanded that
the FWSC immediately adjust the 2013 base
pay pending an expeditious negotiation,
compensation for exposure of some
university staff to excessive health and
occupational hazards.

They are asking that the interim market
premium for senior staff of public
universities should be extended to them to
ensure equity and fairness.
FUSSAG also called for the restoration of
special allowances to members.

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