Ghana Needs A Radical Approach To Education Reforms

Mr Grant Belnuo, an Education, has called for
radical reforms and restructuring in Ghana’s
teacher training process to make meaningful
impact in the educational sector.

“Our teacher training process and institutions
are outdated and not fit for the purpose.
Most of the trainers themselves are out of
touch with the future and the challenges the
21st Century learner is likely to face when
he/she leaves school,” he said.

Mr Belmuo who stated this in a research
released to the Ghana News Agency(GNA)
added that the current trend of training was
not helpful and called for alternatives that
would introduce modern education systems
taking into consideration geographical location
and cultural variables.

He appealed to the National Inspectorate
Board of the Ministry of Education to step up
their monitoring and evaluation programmes
to ensure that the right recommendations
are made for the betterment of education in
the country.

Mr Belmuo who christened his release as
“The Octopus on Roller skates” said the
current state of education, particularly in the
private sector where decisions were
determined by owners of schools and not
educational professionals was injurious to the
standards of Ghana’s education.
He said the national Inspectorate Board
would also need to be adequately resourced
to monitor various systems that would
enhance acceptable levels of education.
He added: “Every school in Ghana does what
they believe is the way forward. There are
several uncoordinated efforts and initiatives
without control and regulations – this is a
typical behaviour of OCTOPUS ON ROLLER

He called for an independent National
Inspectorate Board that would not be
answerable to the Ministry of Education, but
to either the President or Parliament to be
able to perform creditable.
He also called for the engagement of
renowned educationalist, who would be able
to contribute meaningfully in the education
field to be part of the National Inspectorate
Board to deliver professionally.

Mr Belmuo said students at various
institutions especially private sector were
given many things to study at tender age and
added that it was not the number of subjects
or things that they studied that mattered but
their rate of understanding to utilize such
teachings in future.

“A country where money does the talking,
the educational experts (the headteacher,
psychologist,classroom teacher) have no say
when it comes to the educational bearing and
direction of their school. The investors and
directors call the shots,” he said.
Source: GNA

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