Aprokumase community cries for classroom block

Teachers and school children of Aprokumase Municipal Assembly Primary School in the Birim Central Municipality have appealed to government to provide them with a decent classroom block.
The current classrooms which were constructed with mud
bricks through the initiative of the community many years ago
are now dilapidated.

The Assistant Head Teacher of the school, Mr Emmanuel
Okyere made the appeal when the Ghana News Agency (GNA)
Media Auditing and Development Tracking projects team paid
a working visit to the school.

The GNA team was in the municipality to undertake media
auditing and tracking of development to help promote
transparency and accountability at the district level under a
Star-Ghana sponsored project.

Mr Okyere said the school, which was the only primary school
in the community was built with mud bricks with sandy floors
but has now become a death trap for both the school children
and the teachers.

Mr Okyere said apart from this, children of the school are at
the mercy of the weather anytime it rains.
He said the school had to close early anytime the clouds start
gathering to enable the pupils to quickly run home before the
rains or seek refuge in nearby houses when the rain starts.
The Assistant Head Teacher told the GNA team that, in an
attempt to take their destiny into their own hands, the
teachers tried to contribute to construct one classroom block
for the class one pupils whose building completely collapsed
after a heavy downpour.

Mr Okyere said, the project is now at a standstill as they
could not get any support or assistance from the community
or government by way of supply of materials.
“We have been compelled to use the old roofing sheets to roof
the uncompleted one classroom block for the primary one
pupil so that they could get a place to study” he maintained.
Mr Okyere said the school with a population of 95 pupils
had no canteen which compels the children to go home for
meals at break and this delays the next lesson after the break.
He said the school has no place of convenience and so pupils
of the school have to go home when they want to respond to
natures call and this make some of the pupils to take
advantage of the situation to seek permission to go home
when classes are going on.

Mr Okyere said, since the school was closer to the mosque,
anytime the Muslims come to mosque for mid-day prayers,
classes had to be suspended for almost one hour.
Ms Ntriwaa Safo, a kindergarten teacher of the school
explained that, the two mud classrooms blocks for the nursery
and Kindergarten was inadequate to contain the over 50
pupils which makes the classrooms overcrowded.
As a result, the school is not attractive enough to most
parents many of whom had withdrawn their children from the
school and sent them to other schools in the nearby

Ms Ntriwaa appealed to non-governmental organizations,
(NGOs), philanthropists, the government and individuals to
come to their aid and provide the school with ultra-modern
building with facilities.

Later in an interview with some members of the community,
they expressed grave concerned about the dilapidated nature
of the school building especially that of the lower primary.
They said apart from the poor infrastructure of the schools,
the community lack a health facility and a market.

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