Afram Plains students may not write cancelled papers – Priest

Candidates writing the on-going
Basic Education Certificate
Examinations (BECE) in the Afram
Plains reportedly stayed at the
examination centers for the entire
duration of the exams.
This is because of the distance from
their respective villages to the only
two examination centers.
A local manager of a Roman Catholic
school in the Afram Plains, Father
Steven Kofi Sakpaku who revealed
this on the Citi Breakfast Show
explained the harsh conditions the
pupils and parents endure during the
examination season.
“When it is exam time, they have to
leave their houses…Afram Plains is a
wide area and all these people from
the islands will all gather at these
two centers and their parents will
give them money to stay there for the
whole week.”
“The distance between the villages
and the examination centers is about
15 kilometers and it can take you two
to three hours to get a car so they
can’t walk and come and write so we
congregate all of them at the center
– not to talk about those who are on
the islands where cars go there only
on Wednesdays and Thursdays,” he
According to Reverend Father, the
cancellation of five BECE papers will
financially and psychologically affect
the pupils and their parents.
“A parent I was talking to yesterday
gave only GHC 15 to her daughter
and now she is complaining over
how she is going to get money for
her daughter to go back and write,”
he said.
Grouped in Afram Plains
Father Sakpaku further disclosed that
people living in the Afram Plains are
grouped into three colours; green,
yellow and red.
“The green are those of us along the
road; we see cars and we have light.
The yellow are those who see cars
only on Wednesdays and Thursdays
which are market days and those in
the red zone, they don’t see cars,
they don’t see light and children are
in all these areas.”
He stressed the cancelled papers is
presently taking a toll on the pupils
because “when you look at the
situation here, the trauma we go
through before we write the exams is
not easy.”
“We have to go to the rural areas and
bring these children to write the
exams,” he lamented, “They are
writing under stressed situations –
they go through torture, they go
through pain, they struggle to write
the exam so going through that pain
and to hear that your papers has
been cancelled is pathetic,” he

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