We are not ghost workers – Teachers decry suspended salaries

The teachers whose June salaries
have been frozen by the Controller
and Accountant Generals Department
(CAGD) are accusing the government
of scheming to “shortchange” public
sector workers.
According to them, they duly
submitted their SSNIT numbers as
requested by the CAGD, therefore
writing them off as ghost names is
The president of the Coalition of
Concerned Teachers, Ernest Opoku
on Eyewitness News stated that the
teachers are very disappointed with
Ministry of Finance’s directive “and
we think that it’s a ploy to
shortchange Ghanaian workers and
for that matter, teachers.”
In June this year, the CAGD advised
all government employees to submit
their social security information
to their respective Personnel
Processing Sections (PPSs) before
June 12, 2015 to avoid the deletion
of their names from the payroll.
Subsequently, the Coalition of
Concerned Teachers issued a
statement that about 15,000 teachers
will be affected
because of the insistence from the
Controller and Accountant General
that they do not have SSNIT numbers
on their pay slips.
On Friday however, the Finance
Ministry directed the CAGD to
suspend payment of salaries to all
public sector workers who failed to
submit their SSNIT numbers as
earlier directed.
An angry Ernest Opoku explained that
when the directive was given, he
relayed the information to his
colleague teachers who the
submitted their SSNIT numbers to the
Ghana Education Service (GES).
The Director General of the GES, he
said assured them that their numbers
have been forwarded to the
“So we are very much surprised that
the Controller decided to take this
decision. Over 15,000 teachers have
been affected by this directive
including myself,” he lamented.
Mr Opoku narrated that upon hearing
the news that their salaries will be
suspended, he met with the
Controller and Accountant General to
explain the situation but her
response was all the affected names
are ghost names.
“I decided to have a meeting with the
Controller and what the woman said
was that they believe the people are
ghosts so I asked her if I am a
ghost,” he recounted.
We may sue or demonstrate
Mr Opoku told Eyewitness News host,
Richard Sky, that they are considering
bringing legal action against the GES,
Finance Ministry and the CAGD or
better still, they will demonstrate.
“If we have to go to court, we will go
to court; if we have to demonstrate
against the Controller, the Ministry of
Finance and the Ghana Education
Service, we would,” he warned.
He argued that it is painful for
teachers to work throughout the
month only for them not to receive
their meager salaries at the end of
the month.
“It is a worrying situation but it is
only in Ghana that a Minister can sit
somewhere and issue directives that
at the end of the month don’t pay
workers’ salaries and then Controller
too will go ahead.”
“I don’t know what is happening in
this country and I think that we must
rise up and say that enough is

Source: citifmonline.com

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