Frequent Head Counts Affecting Teacher Output – NAGRAT

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT)
says the frequent head counts of its staff is affecting output
The Association is unhappy about the head count and
inspection of certificates of staff of the Ghana Education
Service (GES) by institutions such as the Public Services
Commission and the Bureau of National Investigations.
In January, the Controller and Accountant General’s
Department begun a head count of all staff of the GES as
part of measures to address the bloated public sector payroll.
But NAGRAT says the exercise is having a negative impact on
its staff.
General Secretary of the Association, Stanislav Nabone, said,
“the exercise is affecting our job performance”, he told Joy
News reporter Kofi Mensah.
He said a whole day’s job is lost when all teachers in a
district gather to be counted and have their certificates
inspected, adding that “none of them is teaching in the
classroom at that time, the children are left unguarded and
alone to do whatever they wish to do, it is wrong.”
Mr Nabone questioned why teachers are the only public
sector workers who are being counted, saying “the exercise is
selective, we are not the only public sector workers so why
Although he acknowledges that it is in the interest of
NAGRAT that only qualified people are employed, he believes
that “it is also in the interest of NAGRAT that we are allowed
to do the job for which we are paid.”
So if the exercise interferes with how we are able to conduct
our routine duties, we have to cry out, he insisted.
He said it was unnecessary for the exercise to be undertaken
because government could liaise with the various institutions
of learning for the information it needs and not necessarily
the teachers themselves.
He said government has been informed about their concerns
and the Association is hoping for an appropriate response
sooner than later.

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