NUGS President Fights Suspension

Embattled president of the National Union of Ghana Students
(NUGS), Michael Paa Kwesi Adu is insisting that he is still
president of the union.
Michael Paa Kwesi Adu was suspended following a suit
challenging his qualification.
The National Executive Committee of NUGS on Thursday
asked Adu to step aside until the court decides his fate.
Paa Kwesi Adu won the election to become president after
being cleared but some students doubt his status as a student
of the university, hence their resolve to challenge him in court.
Press and Information Secretary for NUGS, Thomas Takyi
Bonsu told Citi News that the final verdict of the court will
determine whether he would be reinstated or not.
He explained that per the NUGS constitution, their president
should be a full time student.
Mr. Bonsu disclosed that the current president contested the
presidency in 2014 and 2015 but was disqualified.
“…This year he contested and was disqualified based on the
same reason and the judicial committee of the union reversed
the decision of the vetting committee. That made him qualify
to contest. So some students are saying that they are still not
okay with that and they are taking the same issue to the
He added that “this time around, not only him but we sued
the union as well for allowing someone who is not a student
to contest the election and win.”
“The constitution of NUGS says if there is any legal case
against the union, the president is supposed to represent the
union in court and now it is the same president who is the
second defendant of the same court case. So the NEC is
saying that there is a conflict of interest and if the court gives
an order that he is still supposed to be the president then he
comes back and take his position but if the court does not
decide that then we do another election to see the way
forward,” he added.

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