Mampong Technical College Closed Down After Mass Failures In Maths

The Mampong Technical College of
Education in the Ashanti region has
been closed down over fears that
more than 200 students who failed
Elective Maths may be planning to
burn down the school.
The students risk being sacked after
they failed the compulsory paper and
also failed to take advantage of a re-
sit opportunity.
In response, the students went on a
rampage Monday. Some threw stones
at school facilities destroying 19
Louvre blades.
One student has been arrested,
Ashanti regional correspondent
Erastus Asare Donkor told Joy News.
School authorities also picked up
intelligence, the angry students were
planning to set the school buses on
Police advised the school authorities
to close down the school, a
recommendation which was promptly
adhered to. The school was closed
The students were under the
impression that the Elective Maths
course was not mandatory and that
they had option of choosing and
sitting courses in General and
Technical subjects.
But the University of Cape Coast to
which the College of Education is
affiliated had scrapped the options
available to the students and made
Elective Mathematics a compulsory
Failure required that the students re-
sit the paper or repeat their Level.
About 261 students did not re-sit the
paper when the opportunity came.
The rule governing examination is
that “you don’t carry a referral from
one level to another level” a school
exams administrator Francis told Joy
The students do not understand why
they are being compelled to do
Elective Maths when they had
pysched themselves to pursue the
General Courses
Faced with the prospect of getting
sacked, the students violently
protested leading to the closure of
the school.

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