Teacher Petitions Ministry Over Error- Ridden JHS Text books

A Junior High School teacher,
Phanuel Yaw Ayawly, has petitioned
the Ministry of Education to withdraw
the Integrated Science Textbooks for
Junior High Schools from schools for
what he calls unpardonable errors.
According to Phanuel Ayawli, the
textbooks are full of grammatical and
typographical errors and have been
in use for the past three years.
Complaining to Citi News’ Kwame
Botchway , Phanuel Ayawly said the
textbooks are not worthy to be used
by students.
He said he petitioned the Ministry
last Friday and is awaiting their
“The book is diseased with a lot of
errors and mistakes, typographic
errors and a whole lot. They are all
not wholesome for the consumption
of our young ones. That is what they
are using all over the country.”
Mr. Ayawli gave the title of the book
as the “New Integrated Science for
Junior High Schools: Discovery
series. Authored by Theodore E.T.
Kom-Zuta and published by Sedco
and Pearson.”
Phanuel Ayawli argued that some of
the chemical symbols in the book
have been wrongly captured.
“The third edition of the book two,
page five, on the chemical symbols,
that of Magnesium should be Mg but
in the book it is Na. chemical symbol
for Potassium is K but in this book
it’s Ma. Chemical symbol for Calcium
is Ca but in the book it is Na. The
same form 2 book, page 17, they
repeated the same periodic table with
the same errors. Page 37 also has
some errors there,” he added.
Portions of the petition to the
Ministry said “this petition, without
ceremony, seeks to suggest to your
august office, your high-valued
personality to withdraw these books
not only from our public schools but
also from public view in order to
salvage the already struggling
education in Ghana.”

Source: citifmonline.com

2 thoughts on “Teacher Petitions Ministry Over Error- Ridden JHS Text books”

  1. I’m a science teacher teaching at the jhs. With reference to what my colleague was saying about the error on page 5 and 17 of the integrated science book 2 all over the country does not apply to the same new text book i am using. It is without a doubt that there are some minor typographical error in almost all our textbooks but what was said by my colleague about the chemical symbols is not the case with mine. Unless there is variations in the text books from one geographical location to another. Yet still i will advise that, they science teachers in the affected area should meet and review the book for the benefit of their learners.


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