Our Arrears Are Still Unpaid, Mr. President!


The problem is that politicians have denied the public servants especially teachers their rightful entitlements in the form of good salaries, salary arrears and allowances. But politicians have successfully been paid all their entitlements, fat salaries, fat allowances, per diem, ex gratia and the likes. Politicians encounter no challenges with regard to payment of the above mentioned monies to them. Why then have the politician placed myriads of obstacles in the teachers’ path to recovery of their arrears?

This post seeks to remind the President of the Republic of Ghana, H.E. John Dramani Mahama of the unpaid salary arrears of the 2013 batch of teachers. I wish to express my profound nonacceptance of your unfavourable decision to withhold the salary arrears of teachers.

Why have you intransigently refused to pay us our arrears. Your decisions concerning teacher-issues and your approach to handling our salary arrears since you assumed office as president of the republic can only be described as intransigent, derogatory, disrespect and disregard of our concerns as teachers.

Mr President, we have given you our endorsement as president and you have made the Flagstaff House your dwelling only because of us. You could never have made yourself president, could you? The answer remains no! Why then have you chosen this path of disregard of our arrears issues? Now it is not about what we can do to retain you as our president as election is approaching, it is about what you can do as president to pay our arrears.

Well, Mr. President, I am a man who never gives up on my fight against social injustice-an evil that has unfortunately poked its ugly nose in your government and the Ghanaian society as a whole. And that should not obviously serve as motivation for you to disregard us.
But one thing I never fear is that in case I incur your wrath because of my fight for social justice, I would be at peace with myself.

At a time when the standard of education is falling in our dear republic, any disincentive to teachers who are obviously at the centre of education in the country should seriously not be tolerated. Also any fixation on churlish politics as regards teacher-salary issues which have the tendency of destabilising our educational system should be condemned.

The accumulative effect of the negative approach has seriously corroded the cohesive fabric of our relationship with you and it is about time something is done to reverse the situation. Your decision was taken unilaterally (without the consent of teacher unions even though that could have been better). Also, justice and fairness were seen lacking.

This article should not be misconstrued in any way as an attack on your personality or political pursuits. We are proud to have you as our president even though not everyone is likely to support you. The problem, as we have all realised now is your decision to withhold our rightful arrears and that is unacceptable. fight till we get what is due us.

This article is not a threat but a wish out of extreme confusion and disappointment at the manner in which you have finally degraded the entire issue of our arrears.

There are no proven documents to legitimize my claim but it is your inability to pay us that has necessitated this article.

Mr. President, I humbly but strongly ask that you pay our arrears now. Who knows, it could secure you an additional four years to continue your stewardship at the magnificent Flagstaff House.

By Bright Afele

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