Teacher arrested for ‘insulting’ Ekumfi DCE granted bail

A teacher at Ekumfi Otabanadzi in the Central Region, who was allegedly arrested on the orders of the District Chief Executive of Ekumfi, Ibrahim Dawson, has been narrating his ordeal to Citi News .

The teacher, Daniel Hammond, a former presiding member of the District, was arrested while teaching at his school.
He was granted bail by the Headteacher of his school, after the police had initially refused him bail.
The teacher told Citi News that his only supposed crime was that, he notified the DCE of some discrepancies in the President’s ‘Accounting to the People’ address regarding the some construction work at Ekumfi-Esuehyia, also in the Central Region.
According to Mr. Hammond, the DCE was offended by his prying and first lodged a complaint at the Ekumfi District Assembly that he had insulted him.
“So as a former presiding member of the assembly, I thought it wise to inform my DCE and the only thing I heard from my DCE was ‘how does it concern you?’ in a very harsh way,” Mr Hammond recounted.
“I was in the class room teaching and I saw two police men approaching the school. The whole thing was that my DCE had reported me to police that I had insulted him so I should go to the police station with them.”
Mr. Hammond indicated that he had even taken steps to resolve the matter but it appears the DCE was bent on taking that action against him.
“I gave my statement to the police and told them the steps I had taken to resolve this same issue. So my headmaster signed for my bail and yet they were refusing to grant me bail and I was charged for offensive conduct.”
He was eventually granted bail but still faces charges of offensive conduct and is due in court later this month.

By Delali http://citifmonline.com

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