Exposed:TTAG-EGA President ‘reveals’ the
Political ‘Lies’ of NPP,NDC Over the future of Colleges of Education in Ghana

Colleges of Education in Ghana ,as well as the
teaching profession as a whole is being used
by politicians to gain political grounds ahead
of the 2016 November polls.

Meanwhile ,the Eastern and Greater Accra
Sector President of the Teacher Trainees
Association of Ghana, Mr. Elvis Krobea Asante
,has revealed the real state of Colleges of
Education currently,and the reasons why the
two leading political parties continue to
mislead the pub;ic on issues relating to
teacher Education in Ghana.
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Read His Statement Below…..
Most Ghanaians tend to be doing political
groupings anytime a concerned person speaks
about a pressing national issue. I’m not in
anyway speaking with political spectacles
because I’m a member of a non-politically
influenced Association which seeks the
betterment of Teacher Trainees.
My heart is saddened anytime I hear
politicians using our educational system as a
political target for campaining. I have heard a
political party giving lectures about the
restoration of Trainees allowance when they
come to power. For me, it is a debasement of
colleges of education as a target for political
The President of the Republic of Ghana and
his entourage have tried giving a good
picturesque of Colleges of Education(Formerly
Teacher Training Colleges) on numerous
platforms which is undoubtedly and
realistically the opposite. The Colleges of
Education, from my perspective, have seen its
worst state now.
The following are some of the issues the
President keeps on misinforming Ghanaians
about. I’m ever ready to defend these truth I
have laid out anywhere I will be called to in
this democratic dispensation.
keeps on telling the public that intake has
been increased. How can you increase intake
without making better provisions for it?
Students sleep on the floor like ants in most
Colleges of Education. Students have to pack
their luggages and buggages on the corridor
because their rooms have become congested
and have even restricted movement in
dormitories. Another unfortunate issue is that,
in some colleges, students don’t even get
enough desks to sit on for lectures and for
eating at the dinning hall. This is never the
better increment our education system is
calling for. If increment has taken effect
because so many SHS leavers want to be in
college and there are vacant classrooms at
the basic school level, why not create more
ministeries because so many qualified
politicians want to be ministers and there is
also the need for its creation?
The president refuses to add that, last year,
only few SHS leavers bought the admission
forms because College of Education has lost
its attractiveness. There had to be re-
admission last year with the least acceptable
grade droping from C6 to D7 so that many
people can apply.
The public must know that, either the
government or institute or both have deviced
a means to withdraw a good number of
Trainees before they complete schooling to
obviously reduce the number of Trainees to a
least number to be employed after completion.
Previously, the number of referal that call for a
student’s withdrawal was six(6) (representing
12 credit hours). It has now been reduced
from 6 to only 1 refferal(represnting 2 credit
hours) right after the implementation of the so
called “increment in intake” policy. Now, lets
judge it ourselves. Is it an increment in intake
or masterminded means to decieve Ghanaians
or for college officials to get more money
from admission forms sold or school fees
STUDENT LOAN SCHEME: It is right in the
eyes of the President to take his time to coin
his words very well and make it look as if
allowance wasn’t scrapped but was swapped
to Student Loan Scheme. Whether swapped or
scrapped, allowance has been taken away
because students have to pay back the loan
with compounded interest after taking it. Is it
still genuinely swapped or scrapped?
I wish the President can still tell Ghanaians
that, because his administration seeks to
create equity among tertiary institutions, he is
chanelling the allowances of nursing trainees,
police trainees, agric and etc into Student
Loan Trust Fund. That would’ve clearly spelt
out the equity he is chanting for because they
are all diploma awarding institutions.
It will interest you to know that, the amount
given to a Trainee on the Student Loan
Scheme, for a whole year can never pay for a
semester fee.
I think Ghana has come far as a country and
we must not politicize our education system
but rather call a spade a spade.
The amount given to a student on the loan
scheme ranges from GhC300 to GhC800,
meanwhile, trainees pay more than GhC1200
every semester as school fees alone. You and
I are witneses to the fact that there are two
semesters in a year, therefore every Trainee
pays not less than GhC 2400 every year of
which the Student Loan Trust cannot even
cater for half of it. It is obvious that Teacher
Trainees even pay more fees than regular
students in the public universities meanwhile
the President keeps on talking about equity.
mentions that Trainees are awarded degree
instead of Diploma in Basic Education. Well,
maybe this is also in the pipeline as politicians
usually say. For me, as a Trainee, I have never
offered a degree course since the inception of
my programme in DBE and I have barely two
months to leave college as a diploma holder.
Mr. President, we have come far as a nation.
This act of public deception will never help a
developing country like Ghana. Trainees are
never awarded degree in education after
completion. We are awarded DIPLOMA IN
EDUCATION: He keeps on telling the public
that Trainees are no more under restrictions
as it used to be, better still, like those in SHS.
I want to put on record that every Teacher
Trainee puts on uniform just like SHS
students, does the grounds work, is punished
and takes exeat before leaving campus just
like SHS students.The recognition of Student
Leadership(SRC) is nothing to write home
about. Unless the president comes to tell
Ghanaians that the abolition of the restrictions
in colleges are yet to be implemented, he
must desist from telling Ghanaians that
restrictions in colleges of education is a thing
of the past.
ARREARS: The government did well in
engaging in a good public awareness creation
that the feeding grant arrears has been paid.
The public must know that only part of it was
paid. The government still owes a semester
outstanding feeding grant arrears to be paid to
Teacher Trainees of which we have no idea
when that money will be paid.
6. OUT SEGMENT: The deputy minsiter in
charge of tertiary promised an arrangement as
a relief for those on the out-segment program,
as at now, nothing has been heard from the
Ministry of Education. I’m sure in future they
might tell Ghanaians that they catered for
those on out-segment since they have proven
beyond doubt that they can simply decieve the
public. Students must not be blinded with this
part payment of the feeding grant.
# The members of the ruling party and any
other political party would never wish that
their children be in training college to go
through what we are going through as
Teacher Trainees. They must simply quit
politicizing policies affecting colleges of
# I think that better conditions of service must
be created for Teachers on the teaching field
in order to minimize or probably do away with
the act of Teachers leaving the teaching
profession for better jobs, rather than
spending extra money to train Teachers to fill
the vacant classrooms in the basic schools.
Instead of sitting Governments deceiving
Ghanaians of better training systems and the
promises of restoration of allowance by the
opposition party, concrete and formidable
measures must be put in place to make the
teaching profession an equally attractive job.
Thank you.
Asante Krobea Elvis
(President, Eastern and Greater Accra Regions
of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of


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