CCT-GH Exposed Part 2 (Corruption At Its Peak)

This part became so neccesary when i was wondering about how our rights to association has also been taken away from us. For this reason, another investigation was conducted to look for answers to why it becomes so easy for CAGD to assign a teacher union to teachers without their consent.

Until after the investigations, GNAT and NAGRAT were the prime suspects, even though their hands are  not clean, but i-track rather found CCT to be the key architect when it comes to issues of this kind.
A CCT’s NEC meeting report dated 15/04/16, addressed and signed by King Ali Awudu, intercepted by ‘i-track’ is the principal evidence for this part.

According to the report, CCT was dwindling in membership. In that, whilst CCT membership rose to near 14,182 in early 2014, their numerical strength by the end of December 2014 was about 9,000. Hence, there was the need to taking pragmatic measures to avert the situation as it was a cause to worry with respect to all that matters in the union. As a result, CCT’s NEC at its first quarter sitting in 2015 unanimously agreed, giving their National officers the go ahead to do anything humanly possible to help boost their numerical strength.

Even though, CCT managed through thick and thin to increase their numerical strenght to 11,396 by May 2015 but was still not up to satisfaction. The situation according to the report which had the capability of crippling the union called for a team led by the then Vice president of CCT (King Ali Awudu and supported by the womens Commissioner (Vida Sapabil) and the National Organizer to storm CAGD and to see some important persons who matter in this regard. Lo and behold, the V.P booked an appointment with a senior fellow in May 2015 and met with him at an undisclosed joint in Accra to broke a deal.

My BP rose to an all time highest number when i continued reading the report. Shockingly, the senior fellow agreed to help but on a condition that he will take 80% of the total dues deducted for all add-on new members in the first month, whiles the union takes all dues deducted in the subsequent months.
Aside the 80% of the dues deducted from new members to be payable to the senior fellow in the first month, a maintenance fee of Ghc6000 and Ghc3000 was to be paid to the senior fellow from June to August 2015 and September to December respectively.  Confirmation from the report clearly shows that all the amount demanded by the senior fellow has fully been paid.

Let’s take note of the following Calculations as derived from the report.

1. Membership as at May 2015 = 11, 396
2. New members added on in 2015
a)  June    = 10, 346
b) July      = 801
c) August  = 11, 012
      Total  = 22, 159

Monthly dues as at 2015 =GHC 11
TOTAL REVENUE = GHC 11  X  22,159   =  GHC 243, 749

80% BRIBE TO THE SENIOR FELLOW     =   80% of  GHC 243, 749 = GHC 194,999.2



IN ALL TOTAL BRIBE PAID IN 2015 ALONE (I.e. from June to December,  2015)    =  GHC 194, 999.2  + 18, 000  +  12, 000    =   GHC 224, 999.2 ( 2billion, 249million, 942 thousand Old cedis)

According to the CCT’s report, it could easily be deduced that all the other teacher unions are doing same. And for that matter, i am forced to  believe the rumours alleging that the teacher unions took bribe to call of their intended strike.

Leadership of the Teacher unions should note that it is the  sweat, tears and blood of teachers that is propelling the union which feeds them.

Despite several threats and intimidations to prevent me from unraveling the mysteries, sagas and scandals in CCT, i want to use this episode to sound a strong warning to the likes of Mark Ansah and his cohorts that not even death dares stops me from telling the truth.

The next Episode talks about how CCT’s Chairpersons are chewing teachers’ dues like gum, Region by Region.

To be continued on 1st June,2016

Owusu Baffoe Daniel

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