St. John’s Primary School closed down after thugs attack teachers

Traumatised teachers of St. Johns 1&2 Primary School at Accra New Town in the Greater Accra region, have requested for transfers after a mob attack on them and the pupils.

This has led to the closure of the school on Tuesday.

A primary pupil is said to have called in thugs after a disciplinary action on her by one of her teachers.

Headmistress of the School, Mrs Grace Richman tells Joy News’ Beatrice Adu that the school is closed until further notice.

According to the headmistress, a class five pupil snubbed her teacher during the reading class when she was called upon to read from where another student had read to.

“The teacher told her I called you to read because I saw that you were not paying attention. The teacher sitting at the back noticed her action and questioned her attitude,” the headmistress explained.

“According to what I heard the teacher canned whipped her once with the cane after she refused to kneel down. The student still refused to kneel so the teacher told her to go out of the class and come in after the lesson since she was not interested in what we are doing,” Mrs. Richman narrated.

She said the student who was upset at this stage took her bag and went out. Twenty minutes later, the thugs came to the school and that was when the attacks on the teacher and the pupils begun.

Many of the 12 teachers were slapped and beaten by the thugs who “moved from class to class to assault them,” Mrs Richman said, adding that the Member of Parliament for the area, Henry Quartey gave the assaulted teachers money to go for a medical check-up before the police took their reports.  

The thugs who went to the School with broken bottles, canes and other weapons pulled a knife at one teacher who jumped over the school wall to save his life, Mrs Richman revealed.

Although most of the teachers were slapped, six of them were brutally assaulted and they sustained various degrees of injuries.

As the traumatise teachers seek transfers away from the School, the headmistress can tell when the School will be reopened. 

“Hopefully, the ten teachers who will be invigilating the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) which starts next week we will come in, but when the police make an arrest the situation might change,” Mrs Grace Richman said.

Kindly pray teachers in Ghana

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