15 teachers transferred over ‘juju’ scare

Fifteen basic school teachers at Mpasaaso Number Two in the Ashanti Region have been transferred en bloc, upon request, over fears they could come under spell of black magic.

It follows alleged persistent discovery of blood stains in the classrooms of the local Roman Catholic Primary and junior high schools (JHS).

Education authorities in the Ahafo Ano South District are investigating the phenomenon as they struggle to find replacements for the transferred teachers.

Teachers of affected schools say they have been living in fear for what they describe as continued ‘spiritual attacks’ on them.

At least, on four occasions in recent times, strange items including crushed eggs believed to be for rituals by unidentified persons have been found in classrooms.

The items, according to the teachers, are placed either on the teacher’s chair or table.

They also claim what they identify as Arabic inscriptions in blood are boldly displayed on the white board.

Attempts by authorities to find an antidote to what has become known as ‘spiritual battle’ have proved futile.

Nhyira News sources say traditional authorities pledged to settle the issue with and went ahead to perform some rituals, that could not deter teachers who handed in transfer request.

One of the teachers who want to remain anonymous tells Nhyira FM the transfer is inevitable because their lives are in danger as a section of the community rise against the teachers.

“Some unknown person comes to our classrooms to use blood to write Arabic content on the boards and the walls, and this continued for quite a long time so we felt that our lives may be in danger,” the anonymous teacher revealed.

Officials at the Ahafo Ano South District Education Directorate appeal for calm as they take steps to replace the transferred teachers, pending investigations into the matter.

Spokesperson of the Directorate, Francis Osei Brenyah says authorities want to get to the bottom of the matter.

“We’re still on that to find who caused the whole thing because it’s a problem that if we don’t uproot, we don’t know where the problem will go,” he said.

Even before investigations are completed, Mr. Brenyah is calling for calm from all interest parties, including residents of Mpasaaso.

“We are assuring them that they should be calm. They shouldn’t react on unnecessary things irrationally because sometimes when it happens like this, we don’t actually get the true picture of what’s happening and we always attack the wrong side,” says Mr. Brenyah.

Source: Ghana I Nhyira FM I Ohemeng Tawiah

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