Basic Schools Just Free Centre for Dumping Kids – Parents Careless About Kids Academic Welfare

Some Ghanaian parents dont care about the academic welfare of their children in school. They see school as a free baby sitting centre to dump their kids. They dont care to provide their children with exercise books, text books, pens, pencils etc. As at now(second day of second week since school reopened) some pupils in my class dont have exercise books or pen. Is it poverty, a curse or ignorance or is it irresponsibility of parents.

Parents of these pupils also dont help their children to do their homework. They don’t guide or ensure that their children learn at home. They’re only interested in what the child can offer them like helping them on the farm or helping them in petty trading and street hawking. They only offer the child food and shelter. They careless about the future of their kids, They dont offer them the basic school needs and home support which will enhance the success of their children in education.

Teachers are doing their best to help these kids to learn and prosper but the lack of learning materials which some parents refuse or unable to provide has made it difficult for both teachers and learners to succeed in class.

Parents should stop seeing schools especially primary and junior high schools as an avenue for free babysitting sevice all because basic education is free. They should start seeing school as a place for grooming and nurturing of their children’s talents for success in life which requires full responsibility, consistent investment and commitment with greater efforts coming from parents.

It’s high time Ghanaian parents started seeing school and formal education as means of breaking the barriers of poverty and economic freedom.

Teachers, the government, opinion leaders and Education enthusiasts should also advice and educate parents  especially those who are not interested in investmenting in their children’s education to see the brighter side of education and make efforts to support their children effeciently in school.

If you are a teacher and  have similar stories about parents dumping their kids and not providing the necessary support for their children’s education in your school please share your stories in the comments.


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