Free Secondary Education In Ghana From A Teacher’s Perspective

Politicians dont have any logical priority and good standards for Education in Ghana.
A lot of Basic schools dont have text books, teachers are not well paid, No computers to teach ICT, No libraries, No classroom buildings and many other deficiencies. a lot of teachers can attest to this fact. We dont have the basics right.
Instead of Politicians paying teachers well and also providing the basic needs for basic education and making it quality and of high standards, Politicians are in a haste and only interested in creating a delusional policy called free SHS.
A free SHS is good but a free secondary education in a mass production style of poor quality where half baked SHS graduates are going to be produced, because the students didn’t get the basics right(because government is not paying necessary attention to the basics) and these students will suffer again due to the government not providing the necessary standard resources needed to achieve good results at the senior high level because the same government is only interested in making it free to win the heart of the masses.
The same senior high school teacher with the same low pay is expected to teach a class which has a previous size of say 50 students and now 80 and government will expect the same teacher to deliver at the level he was delivering when the class size was 50 without raising his pay. How can the teacher gives his best under this pressure. And how can the students achieve good results.
Some teachers have a cult following for politicians and political parties and wont agree to this fact even though their pay is low, they have no textbooks and other teaching/learning materials to use to teach the child, no computers to teach ICT, teach under dilapidated buildings and under trees, no science lab or resource center, no libraries, no enough classrooms, no enough dormitories, teach overcrowded classes, dont have teachers bungalows hence spend huge money on rent etc.( These are the issues on education the government should be tackling but abandoned it to shift to free secondary education to score cheap political points to use for propaganda at expense of quality education for the Ghanaian child and good teacher remuneration and good condition of service for teachers)
These teachers who have a cult following for politicians/political parties and praising the Akufo Addo government for initiating free SHS education are among the same teachers suffering in the classroom due to lack of support for quality delivery of education and poor remuneration.
I am not against free secondary education but I am advocating for quality and efficient support for basic education for the Ghanaian child and a higher remuneration for teachers which will promote good standards in education in Ghana. Lets get the basics right.
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One thought on “Free Secondary Education In Ghana From A Teacher’s Perspective”

  1. Your site has proven to be a wealth of information. Thank you! Please keep it up and post more often!

    I am a Ghanaian-Canadian beginning an education NGO in Ghana. If you happen to know anyone with expertise in curriculum development, especially at the JHS level, please put them in touch with me. Thank you!


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