The Cane Is A Very Good Teacher

The cane is a very good teacher to the Ghanaian or African child, though there are some prohibitions on using the cane, but the cane can never be avoided totally.
The pupils respect the cane more than the teacher. The cane makes the pupils serious and attentive in class. But the cane must be used judiciously. It must be used to correct and put in order the stubborn, hard core or low performing pupils who refuse to learn or take simple instructions.

Some teachers, even parents and some successful students can attest to the fact that if it wasn’t for the cane they wouldn’t be able to read or be able to reach where they are today.

Pupils take their homework serious when the teacher use the cane to discipline them when they refuse to do their homework. Some pupils can never be serious in school or do well academically and morally if you dont use the cane.

Teachers who use the cane know the results they get. They get 90% of good results compare to using word of mouth to correct the child. I am not promoting the use of cane but im promoting the results that the cane brings.

A Ghanaian child is not like the white child who is more internally motivated to learn or well exposed to the benefits of taking their books serious, and will not refuse to learn though there are exceptions. The white child knows when he is smart in school he can become a great person to the world. But a Ghanaian child or an African child for that matter is not internally motivated or exposed or convinced enough to see the benefits of being smart in school due to the low level of awareness about education being a powerful weapon to break the barriers of poverty or gain prestige and influence in the world.

The cane should not be used all the time but it must be part of raising the child in the African classroom or the Ghanaian classroom. Teachers who use the cane have the best experience and testimonials to give on the benefits of using the cane.

Some parents will not support the use of the cane but we must admit that some stubborn and difficult or low performing pupils need the cane to back up in school. The African child or the Ghanaian child will end up failing or not succeeding academically if the use of the cane is restrained.

Some pupils will end up giving the teacher high blood pressure if the teacher doesn’t involve the cane especially in cases when the pupils are stubborn. If you are a teacher who deal with a class size of 50+ You’ll realise that the notoriety of pupils of such class size can only be handled with a cane.

Pupils who attend public schools are the most stubborn and undisciplined in terms of academics and morality because they assume school is free. Besides their parents dont inspire them to learn because they are not paying for the education, so the cane must be used to push and inspire such pupils to be serious with their books.

Puils in private schools dont put up behaviours that will push the teacher to use the cane (though there are exceptions) because they pay for the education and their parents are hungry for academic success for their children and the best way those pupils can justify the investment of their parents and also their own desire to be smart in books is to learn hard and take the teacher serious to be able to produce good results.

Let us not spare the cane and spoil the child but lets use the cane judiciously and create a successful generation of disciplined and academically sound students.
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