The tears of the innocent teacher is the cause of Ghana’s woes

Atanga Mathew writes..


*Maybe the long neglect and continues marginalization and unjustified victimization of the teacher who taught all professionals is the cause of Ghana’s woes*

It is common knowledge that teaching is the most unattractive profession in our part of the world. Most teachers in Ghana if granted another opportunity in other professions would gladly embrace them without any hesitation. It is also an open fact that majority of Ghanaian teachers do not pride in their profession as seen in other professions. Why has it become so difficult for the Ghana Education Services to enforce the wearing of uniforms by practisoners of the education sector? Nurses who have not been engage in the Ghana health services even feel proud wearing their uniform while they await posting.

*As the saying goes; The reward for teachers is in heaven and so the vengeance for the cry of the innocent teacher is from God*. No human institution has ever existed without flaws and so does the teacher in the classroom has his own challenges. Lateness to work, teacher absenteeism, drunkness to work are some notable misdeeds of teachers.

However, unlike other professions where management sees the employees as team members and so will go every extend to protect and defend them against unnecessary victimization, the teacher is immediately betrayed by his immediate boss and that suffices for his conviction.

The slightest mistake that a nurse or doctor makes could cost someone’s life. Indeed there has been several recorded incidences of negligence on the part of some health service providers that took innocent people to their early graves. Even with all this, the Ghana health services has always made frantic efforts to justify their misconducts. Perhaps the failure of students which is partly blamed on teachers is more serious than the lost of a person’s life which might be attributable to the actions and in actions of the health care providers.

Fast forward, there has been increase in killing of police officers on duty. Most recent amongst them is the killing of a police officer during the mankraso cell break.

Most people have attributed the failure of the police to defend themselves and the citizenry to lack of requisite logistics and poor motivation packages for police officers.

Are we suggesting that, the Ghanaian teacher is so much resourced and motivated to work and so when they fail to deliver we crucify them? Or the teacher’s job doesn’t require resources and motivation. Police officers own almost one-third of the luxury cars in every town that has police detail, their living can best be described as luxurious! Every teacher’s dream is to send his son/daughter to the police service so that he/she will one day buy him a car. Isn’t it ridiculous that nobody seems to realize this and advocate for the teachers plight! Been a teacher myself, I know the stress teachers go through to prepare expanded lesson plan, improvise teaching-learning materials in order to deliver effective lesson.

Using today’s Ghana’s 61 celebration match pass, teachers are seen matching with their students. Men and officers of the various security services were also on the center stage, the difference however is that, the officers and men of the security services will be giving special packages for participating. The teacher on the other hand is left on the mercy of his meager salary. Is this how God expect his beloved teachers to be treated?

Until teachers are taken serious and provided with the requisite tools and materials to aid their work, then we have no moral right to continuously brand them as been ineffective and all the negative tags.

*Until the teacher is motivated like his colleagues in police, army, nursing etc, to teach his students on attitudinal change towards cleanliness, our cities will become more dirtier.*

*Until the teacher is given his rightful place in the Ghanaian economy to boast his morale in the classroom so as to educate students on the consequences of indulging in negative vices, Ghana will continue to bleed.*

Long live the poor teacher..

Long Live GNAT……

Long live Ghana🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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