GES must go paperless in the application for promotion

I have watched with surprise and difficulty, this few days how my colleagues in the service due for promotion have to go through lengths to fill forms to be submitted for their promotion at the regional office.


Forms filled looks like a thesis or a paper for publication. Sadly enough, due to the limited time for submission , most teachers use instructional time , going from office to office to aid them fill them correctly, have it endorsed or to submit it.


What is the reason for filling seven copies of “lecture notes” size of forms with the hand in ink? Can’t photocopies be made after the first copy is certified as correct?


What is the use of technology if we will not utilize it? What is this noise of resourcing schools with ICT equipment if facilitators like teachers can’t apply it ?


When is the GES , going to appreciate the paperless system been rolled out in our system? Why are we making noise of digitalisation if we won’t test it at the apex conference room of teachers meeting their superiors for assessment?


Paperless system has come to stay ( thanks to our President) and we must be seen as educators to appreciate it.

Source: Whatsapp Circulated Message

One thought on “GES must go paperless in the application for promotion”

    In GES when one completes masters with PS rank,the one must wait when promoted to AD2 before applying for incremented jumps. Additionally every couple of years the one qualifies to apply for the next possible promotional rank, but the case of BJOLTKAE PARKER,THEOPHILUS is different.
    Parker completed his masters in 2014 August 29th with PS rank. Yes, but no. Teacher Parker is still marking time at PS, teaching at a Basic School with an enviable specialization too. ‘ where is our God in whom we trust’?

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