Ghana Teachers Diary (GTD) is the leading Ghana education forum and education blog on the web and social media channels for Ghana Teachers, Ghana students, education enthusiasts and individuals who are education advocates, technology or both and want to keep up with the latest in local and global trends that will inform, inspire and broaden their scope of horizon.

GTD is basically dedicated to documenting and sharing stories and ideas from perspectives that inform, inspires, broden the horizon and also reshape and enlighten the minds of its community of readers.

Teaching life, Challenges teachers face in the classroom, Suggestions, Comments, discussions about teaching life, Ghana Education System, Education News Updates + More stories about the teacher, the school and the classroom.

How Technology Can Revolutionize Education:
that: *****“Education is the primary vehicle by which economically and socially marginalized adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty and obtain the means to participate fully in their communities.”*****
That still rings so true, and yet, barriers remain. Even in developed nations especially Ghana, a good education can be hard to find.
But there’s also encouraging news on the horizon, and its name is TECHNOLOGY, Example-(Internet, Mobile Phone, Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WordPress, Google + More) a realm where classrooms need not be physical spaces.

ABOUT:How it started–
The Ghana Teachers Diary was founded by a Ghanaian Teacher Trainee/Student Teacher (now a Teacher) who started documenting stories since 2010 about classroom and teaching experiences from a Teaching Practice Programme and has since expanded the teacher conversation on the web and via social media with more Teachers joining the conversation everyday.

– The objective of this teacher diary is to share with its readers stories about life in the classroom,challenges faced by teachers and all things teaching and education in Ghana.
– Also to share posts and comments in the diary which would positively influence government and stake holders decisions which affect teachers and Ghana Education as a whole in order to effectively enhance education in Ghana.

+EDUCATION NEWS/JOURNAL: Ghana Teacher Diary Blog also serves as a Ghana Education News portal where people can keep up with the latest Ghana Education News and all Happenings in the education sector in Ghana.

A web and social media guide for students and teachers on using web technologies to enhance education.
+MORE:: A Place to socialize with Teachers and Education Enthusiasts.

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