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Using Blogging in a Classroom Environment

There are so many things that are not understood about
We are going to discuss one fact that most people do not
realize: blogs can be used as highly effective educational
tools. They will offer a complete freedom for individuals to
publish web content and will make a classroom a lot better
than it is.
However, this can only happen if blogging is properly utilized.
Everything starts with choosing web builder tutorials and
platform. Based on most professionals, starting a blog is
easier with WordPress so this is what you want to use. Then,
you want to think about the following tips to make blogging a
huge part of the classroom.
Offer Expectations and Guidelines
It is really important that clear expectations and guidelines are
set so that the student can know what to expect. As an
example, you may not allow students to use their photos on a
blog page. You may force the student to get a written
permission from one of the parents in order to allow a blog to
be open. All the guidelines can be updated and published on a
main class blog. That leads by example and allows the
parents and students to see important information about what
is to be done.
Integrate The Classroom Curriculum Into Blogging
You can easily use blogging all across the classroom’s
curriculum. For all topics from history to science, blogging can
take complete literacy.
Improving Writing Skills
One of the big parts of blogging is, of course, writing. As a
blogger you need knowledge about the subject you blog about
and proper writing skills. This is true even if you use blogging
in a math class. Besides talking about blogging and teaching
your subject, you have to teach grammar and writing. In many
situations you can get away with it when you allow 10
minutes per class to cover an important writing related point.
That would make the student a better writer and blogging
would be even more efficient in the classroom.
Discussing And Encouraging Commenting
One of the disregarded but highly important parts of any blog
is the comments section. You want to encourage your
students to learn how to properly comment and how to
properly respond to comments. In this case you can lead by
example. Have a blog with a couple of posts on it and make
the students comment based on the offered criteria. Always
provide feedback about how the student manages his own
comments section so that a better experience can be created.
Always Be Realistic
It is not easy to build a blog. This is something that you have
to take into account. The goals and deadlines need to be
small. As an example, one class can be started off by a focus
on a topic where a student would contribute to a post while
under supervision. Always choose a subject that brings in
passion from the student. As an example, you can encourage
building a blog that talks about endangered species or about
healthy eating. When you have a classroom blog, you can
always take everything one topic at a time. Students have to
build skills and this only happens when they are passionate
about what they write.
Encourage Subscriptions To Other Blogs
You want to read other student and classroom blogs. This
would encourage commenting and would offer great examples
of a blog that is finished and suitable. It can also give you
some ideas about what to write about. In fact, professionals
often read other blogs in order to get new topic ideas.
Always Stay Consistent
Studies show that the future of real estate is bright but only
for those agents that remain consistent. Blogging is exactly
the same. You cannot expect to have a lot of traffic on a blog
if you are not consistent. You want people that come back
and if there are no new posts to see every time they visit,
there is no reason for them to come back.
In blogging you have to keep expanding and building. The
start should be around 1 or 2 posts per week. Blog
submission can be increased gradually when the students
become more comfortable with what is to be done.
Avoid Plagiarism At All Costs
Most students do not know much about plagiarism and do
not understand why it is a bad thing. You have to explain this
as a teacher. It is vital that a student would only contribute
his/her own work. This includes images. Copyright free images
are always a necessity. Do monitor plagiarism and openly talk
about it. Focus on the fact that the student will not learn
anything through classroom blogging if plagiarism appears.
Blogger Networking Should Be Encouraged
You should always encourage global and local collaboration .
This is done by allowing students and encouraging them to
follow other bloggers and student blogs. Keep in mind that it
is a really good idea to allow the student to choose what blog
to follow but a set criteria list should be added in order to aid
with this selection.
Do Not Forget About Social Media
Initially, blogs were a part of social networks. Nowadays, they
are not always connected with running and maintaining a
blog. This is a mistake that many make. You want to always
increase classroom blog membership by using social media
websites like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. With this
particular part of the promotion, word of mouth stands out as
the most effective promotion method.
Encourage Patience
Blogging is new in the classroom environment. As with all the
new ventures, a learning curve exists. You need to create a
number of blogs while monitoring the classroom. However,
there is a strong possibility that the students will really enjoy
blogging so patience should not be a huge problem.
Traditional classrooms are changing all around the world.
Since most future careers will require really strong computer
skills, it is a good idea to use classroom blogging. Just make
sure that blogging is fun and creative. Freedom should be
available while taking into account everything else mentioned

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