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Graduate Teachers Begin Indefinite Strike

Graduate teachers across the country are beginning an indefinite strike from today, April 4, 2018 to demand the payment of their salary arrears.

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) at a press conference said since 2013, their salary adjustments and promotions have not been effected and until that is done, they will not return to the classroom. Continue reading Graduate Teachers Begin Indefinite Strike

Frequent Head Counts Affecting Teacher Output – NAGRAT

The National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT)
says the frequent head counts of its staff is affecting output
The Association is unhappy about the head count and
inspection of certificates of staff of the Ghana Education
Service (GES) by institutions such as the Public Services
Commission and the Bureau of National Investigations.
In January, the Controller and Accountant General’s
Department begun a head count of all staff of the GES as
part of measures to address the bloated public sector payroll.
But NAGRAT says the exercise is having a negative impact on
its staff.
General Secretary of the Association, Stanislav Nabone, said,
“the exercise is affecting our job performance”, he told Joy
News reporter Kofi Mensah.
He said a whole day’s job is lost when all teachers in a
district gather to be counted and have their certificates
inspected, adding that “none of them is teaching in the
classroom at that time, the children are left unguarded and
alone to do whatever they wish to do, it is wrong.”
Mr Nabone questioned why teachers are the only public
sector workers who are being counted, saying “the exercise is
selective, we are not the only public sector workers so why
Although he acknowledges that it is in the interest of
NAGRAT that only qualified people are employed, he believes
that “it is also in the interest of NAGRAT that we are allowed
to do the job for which we are paid.”
So if the exercise interferes with how we are able to conduct
our routine duties, we have to cry out, he insisted.
He said it was unnecessary for the exercise to be undertaken
because government could liaise with the various institutions
of learning for the information it needs and not necessarily
the teachers themselves.
He said government has been informed about their concerns
and the Association is hoping for an appropriate response
sooner than later.

Northern teacher trainees demonstrate

Some teacher trainees drawn from the three
Northern Regions on Thursday embarked on a peaceful demonstration in Tamale.

This was to protest against government’s
decision to withdraw allowances for teacher
trainees which according to them is their
hope of survival.

The angry teacher trainees clad in red
armbands combed through the principal
streets of Tamale and finally presented their
petition to the northern regional Minister’s

Citi Fm’s Mashoud Kombat reported that the
protesters took a swipe at government and
reiterated the need to rescind the decision of
scrapping the allowances.

Spokesperson for the protesters, Alhassan
Salifudeen Ibrahim hinted their endeavour to
continue with the protest till their concern is

According to him, majority of teacher
trainees depended on the allowances to pay
their school fees.

With poor financial background, he said
majority of them will have to defer their
academic pursuit if government does not
rescind its decision.

In a related development, the Association of
Teacher Trainees in Colleges of Northern
Sector (ATTRICONS) has expressed its
disappointment in President John Dramani
Mahama for scrapping the allowances he
promised to increase when he was vice

ATTRICONS in a petition to the President
reminded him of the promise he made when
they met him as then vice President in 2009
at the Castle.

The group kicked against the replacement of
the allowances with the students’ loan and
indicated that the two were incompatible.

By: Abdul Karim Naatogmah/

Fair Wages, Vice Chancellors dodge Labour Commission hearing teachers’ grievances

The National Labour Commission (NLC) is to
subpoena the Fair Wages and Salaries
Commission (FWSC) and the Vice Chancellors
Ghana (VCG) for failing to appear at a hearing
between them and the Federation of
Universities Senior Staff Associations of
Ghana (FUSSAG) on Wednesday.

The subpoena will compel the two parties to
respond and also enter appearance on
Wednesday, December 4, 2013.

During its meeting about a fortnight ago the
two bodies were directed by the NLC to
respond to issues filed by FUSSAG at the
FWSC by Wednesday, November 20 for
hearing to resume on Wednesday, November

According to the executives of FUSSAG they
were taken aback when the FWSC and VCG
did not turn up for Wednesday’s and
expressed strong reservation about the
attitude of the two bodies.

It announced the likelihood of embarking on
another strike if the situation was not

It will be recalled that FUSSAG embarked on
an industrial strike after several calls to the
Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC)
to respond to its demands went unheeded
until the NLC intervened and called for

The Association among others demanded that
the FWSC immediately adjust the 2013 base
pay pending an expeditious negotiation,
compensation for exposure of some
university staff to excessive health and
occupational hazards.

They are asking that the interim market
premium for senior staff of public
universities should be extended to them to
ensure equity and fairness.
FUSSAG also called for the restoration of
special allowances to members.

Teachers Serve Strike Notice

COALITION OF Concerned Teachers (CCT),
made up of about 32,000 teachers across
Ghana have threatened to embark on
industrial action over several key issues that
are hampering their work, including
government’s failure to provide them chalks
and notebooks for teaching.

The aggrieved teachers have consequently
given the government a 10-day ultimatum to
quickly address their concerns in order to
prevent them from laying down their tools
latest by November 12, 2012.

In a release to the press, authored by
General Secretary of the CCT D.R. Boakye,
he lamented over the present situation of
teachers having their salaries for October
2012 slashed down at an astonishing level.

“Indeed, teachers all over the country were
expecting a reduction in salaries in the
month of October due to completion of
payment of salary arrears in September.
“However, a situation where some teachers’
salaries have been slashed down by an
amount greater than the usual salary arrears
is very unfortunate and untenable,” he

Mr. Boakye said that majority of their
members went to the bank only to realize
that their salaries had been slashed down by
about 50 percent of their gross amount; a
situation which had heightened their plight.

He mentioned government’s refusal to
commence negotiations on Category 2 and 3
and Market Premium of teachers, non-
payment of Capitation Grant, non-issuance of
pay slips and non-placement of teachers who
have been promoted, as some of their

He said “the CCT sees the above mentioned
issues as a deliberate attempt by government
to proceed with its grand agenda of
impoverishing teachers and the CCT takes
strong exception to this plan of government.”

Mr. Boakye noted that “we can no longer
continue to render our services to the nation
while we retire as paupers, not to talk of the
hardships our families are going through.”
As professionals, he said, they deserved the
best from the fruits of their labour, noting
“the CCT is directing heads of first and second
cycle schools to close down all public schools
in the country, effective November 12,

He said the strike was in protest of
government’s grand agenda: “this strike is a
strike of no return until all the demands
stated above are met,” adding any teacher
that would defy the directive would be dealt
with severely.

Mampong Municipal Chairman of CCT, George
Acquaah said teachers were now being forced
to use their own monies to buy chalks to
teach, bemoaning that teachers were being
given a rough deal by the government “and
we think we have had enough so it is time
for us to strike.”

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi

GNAT complains about unfair treatment of teachers

The Ghana National Association of Teachers
(GNAT) says it is not happy about the unfair
treatment of its members by the

This comes in the wake of unexplained
reduction in the October salary of teachers.
Some of the teachers were reported to have
had their salary slashed by about a-half.

A press statement issued and signed by the
Ejisu-Juaben Municipal Secretary of the
Association, Mr Agyen Frimpong, said it was
disturbing that since the implementation of
the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSSS) it had
been difficult for any teacher to tell his or
her actual monthly take home pay.

He said even more irritating was the
unjustified delay in the release of their pay
“They are yet to receive their pay slips for
August, September and October”, it added.
It said they had raised their concerns with
the Ghana Education Service (GES) and the
Controller and Accountant General’s
Department but nothing had changed.

This was fueling apprehension and anger
among the teachers and the GNAT demanded
that things needed to be fixed and must be
done quickly.

Teacher Get Gh¢10 Pay

MEMBERS OF the Ghana National Association
of Teachers (GNAT) in the Ejisu-Juaben
Municipality of the Ashanti Region have
expressed worry at the frequent inconsistent
reductions in their salaries in recent times.

About 60 per cent of the 2000 GNAT
members in the municipality are said to have
been affected by the situation with some of
them receiving as low as GH¢10 as a monthly

Agyen Frimpong, Ejisu-Juaben District
secretary of GNAT in a statement said a
number of the affected teachers have, in the
past three months, had their salaries illegally
slashed after going to their banks.

He, however, failed to release the names of
the affected teachers but stressed that they
had communicated their concerns to the
appropriate stakeholders for immediate

“All these problems have been reported to
the Ghana Education Service in the
Municipality and the Region…and in all cases
we are advised to wait for the pay slips so
they can be sure of how the complaint can
be addressed,” Frimpong said.

According to him, since the introduction and
implementation of the Single Spine Salary
Structure policy, no teacher could tell exactly
how much they earned at the end of the
month as a teacher’s pay differed from
month to month.

The municipal GNAT secretary described as
most disgusting and irritating, the situation
where most teachers in the area received
their pay slips very late and at times did not
receive them at all.
“As we speak, pay slips for August,
September and October, this year, have not
been received,” Frimpong said in the

He appealed to the government to, as a
matter of urgency, investigate the devastating
situation and find lasting solutions to it to
help calm down nerves.

The GNAT appealed to the Controller and
Accountant General’s Department to privatise
the printing and distribution of the pay slips
if they could not overcome their alleged
perennial technical problems.

According to the teachers, the release of the
pay slips would help them to be sure of how
much they would take before they go to their
banks at the end of the month.

FROM James Quansah, Kumasi

GNAT Contact Information

Contact Information of Ghana National Association of Teachers

No. 4
Off Barnes Road
Education Loop
P. O. Box 209

+233 0302

Telephone: +233-(0) 30-2221515/ +233-(0) 30-2221576
Fax: +233-(0) 30-2226286
Mobile Phone Number: +233-(0) 30-2221576

Information: All correspondences should be addressed to the General Secretary

The GNAT Resource Centre

The GNAT Resource Centre

The GNAT Resource Centre

The GNAT Resource Centre
The Ghana National Association of Teachers has a state of the art Resource Centre which is located at the GNAT Headquarters in Accra. The Resource Centre services GNAT and all members of the Association, free of charge. Services available at the Resource Centre include;

24 Hrs Internet facility

Photocopy, Secretarial and Large format lamination services.

In-service courses for teachers in all subject areas from pre-school to the Senior High School

Attached to the Resource Centre is the GNAT Print Shop. This is an income generating venture and is commercial. The Print Shop is semi-autonomous and is manned by a pseudo-board.

Our Services;

Desktop Publishing : We design your resumes, letters, forms and reports.
Copy Center: The Print Shop offers full service and self-service color and black and white copies with enlargement and reduction capabilities
Offset Printing: We are a complete printing company. Our product ranges include; Letterheads, Text books, Brochures, Certificates, posters etc.
Bindery: – We offer a bindery which includes collating, numbering, scoring, perforating, cutting, comb binding and folding etc.

GNAT – Regional Executives

Regional Executives

Regional Executive

There shall be a Regional Executive in each region comprising the four Regional officers.: Chairman, Vice chairman, Treasurer and Trustee; and six other members elected at

Conference (Basic schools, senior high schools, colleges of education, Technical institutes, administrative and GNAT-LAS representative.)

A Regional executive shall be responsible for the administration of the regional secretariat and any other duties assigned to it by the Regional Council.