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Teacher trainee allowance restored – Akufo-Addo

President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has announced that the restoration of teacher trainee allowances has taken effect from Tuesday September 12 alongside the official launch of the free senior high school (SHS) programme. Continue reading Teacher trainee allowance restored – Akufo-Addo

President launches Free SHS with pride; recalls being labeled a liar

The President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is delighted to have proven his critics wrong as he launches one of the nation’s ambitious and audacious programmes – the Free SHS Policy. Continue reading President launches Free SHS with pride; recalls being labeled a liar

Deadline for SHS placement extended to September 30, 2017

The Ministry of Education has extended the eadline for the placement of students in Senior High Schools (SHS) to September 30, 2017.
Continue reading Deadline for SHS placement extended to September 30, 2017

Free SHS unsustainable, won’t stand test of time – Ablakwa

A former Deputy Education Minister says the Akufo-Addo government’s flagship Free senior high school (SHS) policy will not stand the test of time.
Continue reading Free SHS unsustainable, won’t stand test of time – Ablakwa

Licensing of teachers not September 2017 — NTC

The National Teaching Council (NTC) has stated that it has no intention of implementing the mandate of teacher registration and licensing in September 2017. Continue reading Licensing of teachers not September 2017 — NTC

Disgruntled parents besiege Education Ministry over SHS placement

Some disgruntled parents and guardians on Tuesday besieged the premises of the Education Ministry to express their frustration over the non-placement of their wards in their preferred schools. Continue reading Disgruntled parents besiege Education Ministry over SHS placement

Don’t restrict teachers from upgrading knowledge – Vice Chancellor

Professor Domwini Dabire Kuupole, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), has appealed to the Ghana Education Service (GES) service to create avenues for teachers to constantly upgrade themselves. Continue reading Don’t restrict teachers from upgrading knowledge – Vice Chancellor

Teacher Petitions Ministry Over Error- Ridden JHS Text books

A Junior High School teacher,
Phanuel Yaw Ayawly, has petitioned
the Ministry of Education to withdraw
the Integrated Science Textbooks for
Junior High Schools from schools for
what he calls unpardonable errors.
According to Phanuel Ayawli, the
textbooks are full of grammatical and
typographical errors and have been
in use for the past three years.
Complaining to Citi News’ Kwame
Botchway , Phanuel Ayawly said the
textbooks are not worthy to be used
by students.
He said he petitioned the Ministry
last Friday and is awaiting their
“The book is diseased with a lot of
errors and mistakes, typographic
errors and a whole lot. They are all
not wholesome for the consumption
of our young ones. That is what they
are using all over the country.”
Mr. Ayawli gave the title of the book
as the “New Integrated Science for
Junior High Schools: Discovery
series. Authored by Theodore E.T.
Kom-Zuta and published by Sedco
and Pearson.”
Phanuel Ayawli argued that some of
the chemical symbols in the book
have been wrongly captured.
“The third edition of the book two,
page five, on the chemical symbols,
that of Magnesium should be Mg but
in the book it is Na. chemical symbol
for Potassium is K but in this book
it’s Ma. Chemical symbol for Calcium
is Ca but in the book it is Na. The
same form 2 book, page 17, they
repeated the same periodic table with
the same errors. Page 37 also has
some errors there,” he added.
Portions of the petition to the
Ministry said “this petition, without
ceremony, seeks to suggest to your
august office, your high-valued
personality to withdraw these books
not only from our public schools but
also from public view in order to
salvage the already struggling
education in Ghana.”


WhatsApp Update 2.12.365 for Android Now Available for Download, See Features & More Details Here

The latest WhatsApp update for Android is now available
for download. Developers of WhatsApp has been working
endlessly to provide the best service to their users.
Recently, they released WhatsApp Update 2.12.365 for
Android, which aims to fix bugs and provide several fixes
for the said application.
According to Neurogadget , WhatsApp is releasing two new
updates because of the overwhelming number of reported
bugs by its users. Currently, there is an available WhatsApp
update on Google PlayStore that can be downloaded by its
users. However, they are also trying to improve WhatsApp
2.12.365 version for Android, which will be made available
online but not on their official website.

Despite not having an official statement about the latest
WhatsApp update 2.12.365 for Android, the said update is
known to be smaller in size cutting it from 23.25 MB to
19.87 MB. Features that have been removed were not
revealed, but considering the size, it will probably contain
bug fixes.
New features may not even be included as the size is
deemed to be too small. If ever there’s an additional
update, it may have something to do with the option to
back up chats on Google Drive in all platforms and not just
selected devices.
The current WhatsApp Update 2.12.365 is merely an
enhancement of what’s already been previewed on its beta
version. These improvements are all based from user
feedback, which is why the current WhatsApp Update
2.12.365 mostly contains improvement based on what has
been negatively encountered from using the app.
Currently, WhatsApp’s latest updates include the popular
emoji, which shows different emotions coming from
different symbols of animals, fruits, etc. WhatsApp chat
runs on a wireless network, which makes it so popular to
users because of its free call and text messaging feature.
Neurogadget was able to feature the previous version of
WhatsApp, version 2.12.364, which contains a feature that
allows users to save chat history in the Cloud. This was
made available only on selected devices at the time of its
release. With the new WhatsApp update 2.12.365, there
may be a chance that it will be implemented on all devices.
Have you noticed the different changes made by the
WhatsApp update? What do you think has been the most
useful feature of the app since it was created? Comment
below and see what others think of the app.


We the 2010 batch of trained teachers in the Volta Region wish to state unequivocally clear, our displeasure about the undue delays in the payment of our accumulated salaries ( Back Pay) for the past 13 months.

We are therefore calling on Government, GES, GNAT , NAGRAT and all other stakeholders that matter:

1. to come out and explain to our members why the delay.

2. to give us a deadline as to when the monies will be paid into our accounts.

3. that we can no longer meet the burden of taking care of rent, utility bills and feeding among others on meager allowances.

4. to give us an assurance of full payment of all that is due us in one tranche .

Failure to hear anything positive from government before the 10th day of October, 2011 will leave us with no other option than to hit the streets and subsequently lay down our tools.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you.

Yours faithfully,
Gliff Eric Jerry
( Secretary)
( 0249877338)

Kafui J. Sename
( Coordinator )
( 0242333178)

The Volta Regional Minister
The Minster of Education
The Volta Regional Director,
GES The Director General,
GES The Volta Regional GNAT Secretary
The Volta Regional NAGRAT Secretary
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