(ADAKLU-ABUADI) ADAKLU ANYIGBE : Late Arrival of Materials Delays BECE Examination

The late arrival of materials on Monday delayed the start of examinations in the Adaklu – Anyigbe District on the first day of the Basic Education Certificate Examinations (BECE ).

Candidates waited in the examination halls for almost an hour gazing into the air before the first paper arrived.

The ordeal was repeated as the second paper also delayed, compelling candidates to stay confined to the examination halls which attracted the displeasure of the Regional Minister , Hon . Joseph Amenowode, who visited some of the centres.

The Minister was accompanied by the District Chief Executive, Hon. Michael Adzaho and the Regional Director of Education , Gabriel Kploanyi. Hon. Amenowode said he could not understand the cause of the delay and urged officials of the West African Examination Council ( WAEC) in the region to sit-up.

Mr Samuel Dorpe, Assistant Director in charge of Supervision at the GES who brought the papers late to the Adaklu – Abuade Centre , attributed the situation to the refusal of WAEC officials to honour their promise to provide fuel for vehicles to convey the examination papers.

He said they had to persuade account officers of the GES in the District to provide money for fuel to aid the distribution of the examination papers. Mr Dorpe said the non -availability of police personnel to ensure security in movement of the papers from the depot to the centres also contributed to the lateness.

Mr Dadson , said to be a Controller at the WAEC Office in Ho , snubbed journalists when they went to the offices of WAEC to seek reasons for the delay . The Deputy Director , Administration and Finance of the GES, Mr Maxwell Gbaka told the GNA that all examination materials were in the Ho Depot of the WAEC and that the problem was getting them to the centres on time.

He said all candidates in the district were present except two girls at the Adaklu -Waya Centre who were said to be pregnant.

Two other girls , who GES officials suspected to be pregnant , were present and partaking in the examinations. GNA

TARKWA : BECE Candidates Asked To avoid Malpractices

Miss Catherine Davies has advised candidates writing the Basic Entrance Certificate Examination ( BECE ) and the West African Senior High Certificate Examination (WASCE ) to avoid acts that could lead to the cancelation or withholding of their results.

She said many students in their bid to attain best aggregates , resort to cheating and other examination malpractices and this had affected them.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview at Tarkwa , Ms . Davies said 2 , 704 candidates are writing the BECE in the Tarkwa – Nsuaem Municipality.

This is made up of 1 , 350 girls and 1 , 354 boys drawn from 42 public and 17 private schools .

Ms . Davies said 23 students were absent with two of them being pregnant while the remaining boys who could not be traced are suspected to have joined illegal gold mining .

Ms . Davies commended teachers for their show of maturity and devotion to duty and for not allowing mistakes in the Single Spine Salary structure to affect their roles in the examinations.

Student And Lecturer Fight In Examination Hall

A student of the University for Development Studies ( UDS ) , Wa Campus , is said to have exchanged blows with his lecturer in an examination hall.

The yet -to- be identified student was among some second- year students from the Faculty of Integrated Business Studies of the university writing a semester examination.

Per the university ’ s examination rules, students are required to show their identity cards before taking their seat in the hall but the student refused to comply.

An eye witness told Joy FM that a mobile phone and some materials forbidden in the examination hall were found on the student whilst he entered the hall , necessitating a further search on him but which he refused .

Efforts to retrieve the phone and the forbidden materials from him also proved futile , the eye witness who is also a student narrated. Proving difficult , he was asked to show his student ID card , but , again, he refused .

“So they told him to walk out [ but] he said he won’ t go out, ” the eye witness recounted. He said a lecturer who felt the student was being intransigent confronted him .

According to the eye witness , the lecturer first pushed the student , who retaliated. The lecturer then hit the student and again he replied in equal measure .

“The master slapped him and he also blow the master so they started fighting , ” the eye witness narrated . The development compelled the centre coordinator to suspend the examination until further notice .

But Rafik Salaam said information he gathered from the school indicated that Monday ’s incident was not the first time the unidentified student had behaved rudely towards an invigilator .
Source: myjoyonline.com

How To Earn Respect From Students As A Teacher

Teachers Must Earn Respect
by Professor Joe Martin

Warning: If you are a new teacher , please do not sabotage your career by making the biggest mistake most teachers make when they first start teaching.

What mistake is that you ask ? It ’ s being a hypocrite. Ouch ! I know that’ s harsh , but allow me to explain.

One of the most common questions I get asked during my teacher training workshops is, “What can we do to get our students to be more respectful ?” In other words , many educators complain that many students talk back, misbehave, and “act out” with little regard for the teacher and /or his or her classmates . My first response to this question is, “What have you done to earn their respect ”?

The truth is…times have changed. Long gone are the days when a teacher ’ s presence alone demanded respect – from students as well as parents.

Today , in a society where good morals are on the decline , while self -centeredness is on the incline , we can ’t afford to educate students like our teachers once did “back in the day . ” We have to get respect the hard way; we have to earn it .

I think one of the best ways to earn a student ’ s respect in the classroom is by becoming the kind of person your students want to become. Put another way, if your students don ’ t want “to become” you ( i . e. , duplicate your success) , then you don ’ t need “to be” there . We ’re talking about integrity .

Whenever we promote success to students without first modeling it , then we ’ re seen as hypocrites in their eyes, even if they don ’ t admit it .

In addition , we lose credibility in the classroom. I personally believe that as teachers, others should want what we have. I ’ m not talking about material possessions , position, power, or perceived status ; I ’ m talking about good character.

Character is something money can ’ t buy but everyone admires and respects – even if they don ’ t like you personally. This is one of the most basic principles to successful teaching ; however, it ’ s one of the most difficult lessons for us to learn as teachers .

The truth of the matter is, whenever we ( as teachers) step into a classroom or in front of a group of students ( especially middle and high school students) , they ’ re are already “sizing us up” to see how they will treat and respond to us. If you don ’ t believe me, that only means you ’ ve never been a substitute teacher or you ’ ve never had one.

The # 1 question a student has in his or her mind when they first meet you is “Who are you ?” Trust me, you need to generate a response that’ s much greater than the sound of your name. Unless your last name is Winfrey, Gates , or Woods, you ’ re going to have to earn the respect of your students.

Who you are to them must speak louder than the actual words you use.

About the author
Joe Martin is an award-winning national speaker, author, professor, and educational consultant. His mission is to help students, teachers , and administrators learn , lead , and live with purpose and passion . To find out more visit his web site at http://www.NewTeacherUniversity.com .

372,826 Candidates To Write This Year’s BECE

A total of 372 , 826 candidates from 10, 570 junior high schools ( JHS ) will write this year ’ s Basic Education Certificate Examination ( BECE ) from April 11, 2011 , despite changes to the 2010/2011 academic year calendar .

The candidates, comprising 202 ,541 males and 170 , 284 females, will be supervised by 1, 298 invigilators. They will write the examination at 1 , 298 centres throughout the country .

The management of the Ghana Education Service ( GES) has accordingly shifted the vacation and re – opening dates for the second and third terms for all basic schools for this academic year .

“ We have realised that most of the teachers would take part in the invigilation for the BECE , and they are also going to use most of the classrooms for the examination , ” the Public Relations Officer of the GES, Mr Charles Parker- Allotey , told the Daily Graphic .

He said the new vacation date for the second term of this academic year had been changed from April 14 to April 7, 2011, adding that the re – opening date of the third term had also been changed from May 10 to May 3 , 2011 . Mr Parker -Allotey explained that the changes in the academic calendar would not affect academic work since the loss in period for vacation in the second term had been catered for in the third term.

According to statistics for the 2011 BECE made available to the Daily Graphic , the Ashanti Region has the highest number of candidates of 41, 073 followed by the Greater Accra Region with 32, 605 and the Western Region with 21, 127 .

The others are : Central Region, 21, 033 candidates; Eastern Region, 20, 804 candidates; Brong Ahafo Region, 19 , 442 candidates; Northern Region, 16 , 643 candidates; Volta Region, 16 ,192 candidates; Upper East Region, 8 , 557 candidates and Upper West Regional, 5, 065 candidates.

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