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Know The Teachers Code of Conduct

*Know Your Teachers’ Code of Conduct*
*Psychological Violence*
*i* . No act of a teacher shall have a negative psychological effect on a school child. Therefore, no teacher in the course of duty shall intimidate, insult, tease, harass, threaten, snub or discriminate against any child.
*ii* . Teachers shall not use the physical challenges of children to intimidate or ridicule them.
*iii* . Teachers shall not use any acts or means to pester or coerce children into activities of which they do not have a clear understanding.
*iv* . No teacher shall deliberately isolate or ignore any child.
*v* . The teacher shall advise against early marriage and support children continuing their education.
*vi* . No teacher shall emotionally manipulate a child to the teacher’s advantage.
*vii* . No teacher shall send a child out of class for absenteeism or lateness.
*viii.* Teachers shall show maximum consideration for feelings and circumstances of learners.
*ix* . The teacher shall control his/her utterances in order not to threaten with cruel and degrading punishment or hurt the pupil/student.
*x* . A teacher will intervene to stop a pupil/student from perpetrating psychological abuse upon another pupil/student.
*xi* . A teacher shall intervene to stop a fellow teacher from perpetrating psychological abuse upon another pupil/student.
*Copied from the Teachers’ Code of Conduct. GES*